Food and Drink at the Saloon

Our food

Fancy Funkin Chicken

Who doesn't love fried chicken? Who doesn't love it even more when the birds are free—range and ethically sourced? Happy hens make happy food and the guys at Fancy Fried Chicken sure know how to make their dishes zing with flavour. Each piece is crusted with their special South American spicy crust and served up with their signature sauces — Buffalo, Rosemary paprika honey, Hot and for the brave "Can’t feel my face". Wings, sliders, burgers and sides are all on the menu!

Mac to the Future

Jono and Jodie have been with us from the very beginning, brining their cheesy joy to thousands since we opened. Transforming mac n cheese with their inventive dishes they are taking things to the next level this winter with their signature mac n cheese served in a whole baked camembert — next level deliciousness right there! Expect lots of twists on the classics and a whole lot of deliciousness to boot.

Vudu Food

Everyone needs spice to warm the cockles this winter and these guys have got in the bucket load — the added bonus is that they're also gluten free and use all natural ingredients. Deliciously spicy and healthy junk food sounds like the dream right? Jamie and Katy have teamed up with their partner in crime Tom to be taming the hot coals up on the roof this winter. Our favourite dish is Grilled Veggie Stack in a toasted brioche bun — unctuous, warming and most importantly scrumptious!

The Lambassadors

This dynamic duo have been wrangling their incredible dishes since March this year. They only use lamb from their family farm in Northamptonshire — no cut is better than any other if cooked the right way. All of their lamb is hung for at least seven days and marinated before cooking. It seemed a natural progression to cook with the meat they love most and pack their burgers, wraps and halloumi with bags of middle eastern flavours and oomph.

Our drinks

This winter Brixton Rooftop serves up a wide selection of draft beers, ciders, wines (including mulled), festive cocktails, premium spirits and much more. We will also be teaming up with ABQ London to offer a unique and bespoke menu of molecular cocktails. To view the menu please click the button below...

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